It stings

I once had a splinter of wood deep in the tip of my thumb. I thought it healed. But pain continued where the conniving shard had been. Red, tender flesh pushed up like play-dough pressed through a hole in a toy. This wart-looking-thing festered bled and hurt so bad, I sought a doctor. The doctor... Continue Reading →

Get up! Lift them up! Take them by the hand!

There's a story in Genesis that grabs me. Abraham and Sarah used their servant Hagar in their unbelief to get for themselves the child God promised. But when Sarah finally gave birth to the son God had promised, they sent Hagar and her son Ismael away into the desert. In Genesis 21:8-21, the story goes... Continue Reading →

New birth memorial

I don't ever want to forget tonight when you told me "Someone else is King, not me" and you bent your knee to He. I don't ever want this memory to fade I want it as bright as the new day that will dawn tomorrow I want to tattoo it to my arm and yours... Continue Reading →

I cried and I will sing

I cried You heard me You did not let pride win You healed my rotting heart You reached down and yanked me out of my self-made pit So I will sing I will run to you and thank you unashamed I will dance I will remember and not be silent.

A response to the Song of Songs

She is something beautiful among the hard and painful things He is something fruitful among the shadows. I keep looking for a glimpse of you waiting to exhale when you dawn waiting to bloom when the shadow is gone

A Man You Shall Be

Son tomorrow you turn thirteen Lemuel's mother's words sting I know ways that destroy kings And the man that I'm raising   Hot tears in my eyes Lump in my throat I plead with the Lord Another story be wrote   I know there's no keeping you from sin While still in my womb sin... Continue Reading →

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