The back gate the Church has left open for predators

My german shepherd Lukas has different barks for different things. One of his barks is very aggressive and intimidating. His body lunges, his teeth shows, he barks from his chest. That's the, "there's a predator" bark. At 5 am this morning, Lukas let out an incessant "there's a predator" bark. I shot up off the... Continue Reading →


Submission to others as a child of God

(Image Credit) Who do you submit to? I know, it's a weird thought isn't it? Uncomfortable. I feel defensive as soon as I ask it. "I don't submit to anyone!" Is my instinctual reaction. But it's really not true. We all submit to other people in our lives. If we didn't, anarchy would reign. We... Continue Reading →


If I had to grow food out of a garden with soil as hard as your heart and weeds as noxious as your anger I'd starve. You aren't my garden, I know I can't till your soil I can't make you receive the seed. Some days I feel like I'm fighting dandelion weed everywhere and... Continue Reading →

Love is not a pink teddy bear

I don't want to be a cynic, but I really can't stand Valentine's Day. It's really not cause I'm bitter, although I have gone through many a pink-splattered Valentine's day with a broken heart, mascara-tear stained face and no one sending me flowers. By the grace of God, there is no bitter root, just painful... Continue Reading →

A phase of the waiting bride

You look like a captive, a kidnapped woman with a black cloth tied, covering your eyes. You look scared. I can see your mouth, your face turned away trying to hide from what you cannot see. You look hopeless. But I know your pattern. I know this cycle you go through- phases of light shining... Continue Reading →

Psalm 13

How long, O Lord? How long must I watch as the seed I just planted is picked at and analyzed by the one who should be watering it? How long until this ache I keep assessing for signs of real cardiac pain, not the other heart that's aching in me, stops fibrilating and starts resting... Continue Reading →

Your face looks like Sarah

Your round face laughed today The earth not in the way I grinned forgetting the weeks behind When I saw the world and Forgot you were alive Tonight your face is cut in half Now down to a sliver The blinking electricity of this planet Promising to deliver Your grey glow on my cold face... Continue Reading →

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